The Idea and Practice of Smart Cities in India

In the unique culture of India, there are informal rules operating at the State/city levels. The work of Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom provides some useful insights into the informal rules driving local level actions. In her study of mechanisms of self-governance operating in the less-developed world, Ostrom found that decentralized groups develop various rule systems […]

Why Housing Societies Should Invest In EV Charging Stations?

The growing prominence of electric vehicles in India, coupled with the government assistance and support from real estate developers is nudging even the residential complexes to adopt the EV route and provide the necessary robust infrastructure to the residents.

The Benefits of Building Automation

building automation

Thanks to rapidly improving IoT technology, building automation is becoming more feasible for buildings of all sizes. This is excellent news for multifamily buildings in particular, who are facing more competition than ever before and need every advantage they can find As a new technology, there are still many questions about building automation, how it […]

Data Security With Multiple Business Values

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