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EV Charging Solution

There are three main types of EV Chargers – rapid, fast, and slow. Each charger variant has an associated set of connectors designed for low-power or high-power use and either AC or DC charging depending on the vehicle and battery rating.

RAPID Chargers

50% within 30 mins.

FAST Chargers

100% in 3-6 hrs.

SLOW Chargers

100% in 8-12 hrs.

Electric Car and Bike Charging

RAPID Chargers

These are the fastest chargers for any EV, usually located at charging stations, these provide high power DC or AC to recharge the car battery as rapidly as attainable.

FAST Chargers

These are Type-2 AC Chargers, usually found at locations such as car parks, shops, supermarkets, or leisure centres, where you are likely to park your car for an hour or more. 

SLOW Chargers

These are the most commonly available chargers, for which you have to park your car for more than 8 hours to fully charge the battery.

Plugging in an electric car overnight and topping up during the day is similar to charging a smartphone. EV connectors at the vehicle side will directly connect to the vehicle. There are mainly two types of connectors, AC (slow charging) and DC (fast charging) type. Combined Charging System (CCS) charging sockets use shared communications pins to combine AC and DC inlets. The charging station sends electrical energy to the battery pack through a charging port. 

We at Electrocon can install a Charging Station at your apartment, residential housing society, community centres or commercial establishments.

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in India. They are cost-efficient in the long run as they help us reduce carbon discharge into the environment. Electric scooters use a lithium-ion battery, very similar to the type used in mobiles and laptops. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and lightweight. Just as different mobile phones have different charging times and battery lives, so do electric scooters.

Although most scooters come with a portable chargers, we at Electrocon can provide fixed charging solution in your parking slot, so you don’t have to pullout the battery every time for charging.  

Our EV Solutions

Get your workplace, business, mall, restaurant or society EV Ready through EV solutions provided by our company Electrocon Consumer Electronics (I) Ltd.

EV Technology is Evolving Rapidly. Time to Think About Your EV Charging Needs.

Get in touch with us to know about various EV charging solutions offered by our company. We work with various renowned manufacturers, hence can offer the best solution suitable for your residential or commercial premises.